Residential Services

infrared pre purchase inspections

Pre Purchase Moisture Inspection

Infrared Pre sale inspections

Pre Sale Inspections

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infrared home inspections

Home Moisture Inspection

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infrared leak tracking inspections

Leak Tracking Inspections

City Line Infrared is a specialist in moisture and water tracking. When you have a leak or moisture problem and you don’t know where it is coming from, all you need to do is give us a call and we can do an Infrared inspection and find the source of the problem.

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Meth Lab Testing Inspections

Many houses in all suburbs (both affluent and lower socio-economic areas) are being unknowing contaminated by the drug methamphetamine (meth). This contamination can cause serious health consequences to an unknowing new owner. Meth clean ups cost from $10000 upwards and can reduce the market value or your property. Have the property checked at the same time we do your pre-purchase inspection.

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infrared pre painting inspections

Pre Painting/Maintenance Inspections

It makes sense to check your property first with an Infrared/Thermal Imaging Moisture inspection before you proceed with any maintenance work.

It is better to know about any problems and make plans to rectify them during your maintenance work.

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infrared moisture management system

Moisture Management Systems (MMS)

City Line Infrared installs Moisture Management Systems (MMS) so you can monitor your timber moisture levels in you house over its life. This will give you piece of mind as to the condition of your timber framing.

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infrared Full weather tightness reports

Full Weather Tightness Report

Undertaking a full weather tightness report will give you the information you need to decide if you need to re-clad or not. We will outline the problem areas that need to be repaired and maintained.

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infrared building inspections

Building Inspections

City Line Infrared can undertake a full Infrared/thermal imaging building inspection of your home or a home you are contemplating buying. We use leading edge Infrared/thermal imaging camera technology that can help us pick up problems that others will miss.  As one of the most costly problems with a home these days is the “leaky home syndrome” our Infrared inspections specialise in the detection of moisture and water leaks.

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infrared hear loss inspections

Heat Loss Inspection

With the cost of  electricity always going up, it is time to try and conserve heat loss to reduce your heating costs.

Using Infrared cameras City Line Infrared can detect evidence of excess energy loss due to….

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infrared mold testing

Mould Checks

Even though you might not be able to see or smell the mould at first, it floats through the air in the interior of all homes.

Mould is a type of fungus that grows on plants and fibers, and travels through the air as tiny spores. It doesn’t become a huge problem for homeowners for the most part, until it lands on a wet or damp spot where it breeds and grows.

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infrared non invasive moisture readings

Non Invasive Moisture Readings

City Line Infrared uses a wide range of non invasive moisture testing equipment.

Our main tool is the Flir P65 Infrared camera.

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infrared Reports for council consents

Council Consents Report

With some homes or extensions not having a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC), people are endeavouring to get their homes signed off with council and on many occasions the council require a moisture inspection of the framing to be undertaken.

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infrared Timber treatment testing

Timber Treatment Testing

In some cases it is required to find out how the timber has been treated. This may help in selling the house, or to ascertain the potential of major deterioration to the timber, in other places of the property.

City Line Infrared can take samples of the timber and have them tested for the type of treatment.

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infrared invasive moisture testing

Invasive Moisture Testing

In some cases more information is need to track a leak or to find out if there is deteriorated timber in the timber framed walls. City Line Infrared can undertake full invasive inspections,

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