Heat Loss Inspection

poor insulation found with Infrared CameraIs your home well insulated?

With the cost of the electricity always going up, it is time to try and conserve heat loss to reduce your heating costs.

Using Infrared/thermal imaging cameras City Line Infrared can detect evidence of excess energy loss due to missing, damaged or misapplied insulation, as well as air leakage.

The Infrared/thermal imaging inspection can be conducted from the exterior and/or the interior of a building depending on the information needed for the client.

In the visual photo above you can see no sign of poorly installed insulation. But once we scan the ceiling with our infrared camera you can see a dark line which is colder than the surrounding area. This effectively is where all your heat is being lost. The roof was taken off and the insulation checked. As you can see there was a small gap between the sections of the insulation. These small gaps in the insulation can reduce your R rating of the ceiling or walls dramatically. A lazy builder not taking time to install the insulation correctly, can give you a cold home for life.

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