Pre Sale Inspections

Give piece of mind to your potential buyers

These days there is a stigma around buying a home with monolithic cladding, as it could be a leaky home.  Therefore people are suspicious of buying such a home.  You pay for the marketing of your home to get people through the open home, only to have them leave because they think it may be a “leaky home” but without any proof. When selling you have to put your best foot forward.

Undertaking a Thermal Imaging Infrared pre-sale building inspection will give people at the open home piece of mind, that an inspection has been done, and a report written to confirm that there are no moisture problems in the home. This will then allow them to take it to the next level and hopefully make an offer.

The pre-sale inspection report also gives your real estate agent a tool to help sell your home.  They no longer have to say “I don’t know” when a question is asked about if the home is a leaky home. They can refer the people to the Infrared/thermal imaging report.

All our reports come with a moisture layout plan of the home which has all the moisture readings that we take. This is a great tool at open homes where people have little time to read a complete report, as they look at the plan and visibly see what the moisture readings are.

“Sell your House Faster”

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