Electrical Inspections

infrared of Circuit BreakerAs an electrical current flows through a conductor, heat is generated. Many electrical defects are accompanied by a rise in temperature prior to failure. Some defects may be represented as cool components.

Infrared/thermal imaging thermography is vital for properly maintaining electrical and mechanical equipment. Infrared/thermal imaging inspections identify problems prior to unplanned downtime, averting both physical and financial disasters.

This powerful predictive maintenance tool ensures the safety of both your employees and physical structure, since it helps to identify what items require maintenance or minor adjustments before their next scheduled servicing.

Zurich Risk Engineering reports that 25 to 30 percent of all fire losses are caused by electrical faults.

A ten year study by Hartford Steam Boiler Insurance Company determined that a proper infrared predictive maintenance program produces 400 percent return on investment.

According to the US National Fire Protection Association, nearly two-thirds of all electrical distribution fire losses could have been avoided and this is similar to New Zealand’s statistics.

Regular inspections using Infrared/thermal imaging can detect loose or corroded connections. A poor electrical connection unable to be seen by the naked eye when put under load will rise in temperature. Eventually the connection will fail, resulting in equipment shut-down or worse, a fire, with costly consequences.

An Infrared/thermal imaging inspection can immediately detect an overheated wire amongst hundreds of wires and terminals, none of which can be seen with the naked eye.

Regular Infrared/thermal imaging surveys, save breakdowns and allow for prioritising maintenance scheduling which will give significant cost savings and reliability.

Common problems found easily with thermal imaging.

– Loose/deteriorated connections

– Overloaded circuit problems

– Faulty electrical connections

– Imbalanced loads

– Inductive heating

– Defective equipment

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