Why Use Us

Peace of mind: All our inspectors are fully trained in thermal imaging. We use

Infrared Training Centre (ITC) to train all our inspectors to stage one standards which

is in accordance to ISO 9001 and ISO 18436 with normative reference to ISO 17024.

You will be assured that your home, business or investment will be inspected by a


We are a founding member of the “New Zealand Association of Professional Thermographers” which represents the leading thermography practitioners and companies within New Zealand so you can be sure that your dealing with qualified and experienced thermographers who take pride in the quality of their workmanship

Experience: Having over 13 years in thermal imaging experience gives you the assurance that weunderstand the New Zealand environment. This also gives you the assurance that we

have the experience and that we know what we are doing.

Innovation: We are renowned for coming up with innovative concepts to inspect or repair difficult areas.
Future Proofing: We believe in finding all the problems and sharing our wealth of knowledge with you.
Honesty: We are independent inspectors with nothing to benefit in over stating the problem.

We do not fix any of the problems, but we locate the problem. We will say it like it is.

Friendly: Our inspectors are very customer oriented and you are always guaranteed a

professional service. We are happy to answer any of your questions and share our experience.

Dedication: We are dedicated to thermal imaging with regular training and investigation of new

technology and products, which will give you the best possible service.


“We Are The Infrared Experts”

Our Training: We strive to keep ourselves up to date with the lasted training and courses so you know you will be talking to a professional in the field.

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