Industrial Services


Electrical Inspections

Infrared/Thermal Imaging thermography is vital for properly maintaining electrical and mechanical equipment. Infrared/thermal imaging inspections identify problems prior to unplanned downtime, averting both physical and financial disasters.
infrared mechanical services

Mechanical Inspections

In all plants there are diverse collections of equipment that can be successfully inspected using Infrared/thermal imaging Thermography. City Line IR infrared predictive maintenance program can assist your plant in achieving a significant decrease in downtime of your machinery.

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infrared marine services

Marine Services

Using a City Line Infrared infrared inspection to detect anomalies will let you find faults that may have been missed or will pin point where the problem comes from, so you only need to repair the problem area, saving you money on repairs and down time.

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infrared Preventative Maintenance services

Preventative Maintenance

Thermal imaging has evolved into one of the most valuable tools for preventative maintenance by detecting anomalies, quite often invisible to the naked eye. Thermography allows corrective action to be taken before costly system failures or shut-downs occur.

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Electrical Periodic Verification Inspections

Many insurance companies ask for Electrical Periodic Verification with Infrared thermal imaging as part of there conditions of cover. If these inspections are not undertaken insurance maybe canceled or Fire Excess increased. To avoid these problems have City Line Infrared implemented an annual Infrared Survey with Electrical Periodic Verification.

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Infrared Electrical Verification inspections

Electrical Verification inspections

When new electrical installations are installed they must comply with the safety requirements for the prevention of fire and the protection of persons and livestock from electric shock.

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