Electrical Periodic Verification Inspections

Many insurance companies ask for Electrical Periodic Verification with Infrared thermal imaging as part of there conditions of cover. If these inspections are not undertaken insurance maybe canceled or Fire Excess increased. To avoid these problems have City Line Ir implemented an annual Infrared Survey with Electrical Periodic Verification.

Regular inspections using Infrared/thermal imaging can detect loose or corroded connections. A poor electrical connection unable to be seen by the naked eye, when put under load will rise in temperature. Eventually the connection will fail, resulting in equipment shut-down or worse, a fire, with costly consequences.

An Infrared/thermal imaging inspection can immediately detect an overheated wire amongst hundreds of wires and terminals, none of which can be seen with the naked eye.

Regular Infrared/thermal imaging surveys save breakdowns and allow for prioritising maintenance scheduling which will give significant cost savings and reliability.

AS/NZS 3019:2007 replaces NZS 3019:2004 Electrical installations – In-service testing.

This Standard provides verification requirements for existing electrical installations.

Rather than verification of specific types of installations this standard specifies three levels of verifications:

Section 2 – Basic visual inspection

Section 3 – Visual inspection and limited testing

Section 4 – Visual inspection and full testing

These inspections are undertaken in conjunction with a Thermal imaging inspection to give the most accurate information.

Regular Infrared surveys reduce the risk of fire

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