Statement of Conditions

Purpose of report

The inspection and corresponding report prepared for the client is based on an infrared inspection and non invasive moisture inspection of the building and /or its services. The purpose of the report is to provide general comments and identify major current deficiencies that are detectable using infrared technology or non invasive moisture meters, at the time of the inspection. The report outlines any thermal anomalies and non invasive moisture anomalies found within the inspected building. Invasive and scientific testing will need to be carried out to determine the type/s of mould and moisture percentage of the framework in any areas of concern. This will not be undertaken unless so noted in the report.


All reasonable care will be taken to identify any defects or anomalies apparent from the infrared inspection and non invasive moisture inspection.

This report is carried out on a visual basis only and is restricted to those areas that have reasonable safe access and are clear to view.  Where areas are concealed or inaccessible such areas are exempt from this report. Nothing has or will be opened, dismantled or internally inspected in the building unless so stated in the report.

This report is not a full building report and makes no representation as to if the building complies with any or all the requirements specified under the current building act and amendments.

The report does not make representation as to the buildings structural integrity or the existence of any mould, rot, moisture, borer or other pest infestation, unless stated.

We do not check any electrical or mechanical devices for proper working order and make no representation as to their condition. City Line Ir Ltd has not obtained a LIM report or a search of title and has not inspected any council files unless stated in the report.

This report has been prepared from the inspection dated at the beginning of the report. As building materials can deteriorate over time and weather conditions can affect moisture levels, it is only valid for the date of the inspection.


This report is confidential and has been prepared solely for the Client stated at the beginning of this report

Neither the whole nor any part of this report can be copied, reproduced, forwarded or published in any document in any form without the written approval of City Line Ir Ltd.

Any person, other that the Client, who uses or relies upon this report or the matters contained in it, does so at the risk of that person.

Nothing contained in this statement of conditions, shall be deemed to exclude or restrict any rights or remedies the client may have under the Fair Trading Act 1986 or the Consumers Guarantees Act 1983. If any provisions in this statement of conditions are illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions will not be affected.


City Line Ir Ltd’s liability in connection with this report is limited to the Client and is restricted in liability to the full cost of the report. Acceptance of this report is deemed to be acceptance of these conditions.


The Client agrees to notify the City Line Ir Ltd of any dispute in written form, within ten days of discovery. The client further agrees that with the exception of emergency conditions, no repairs, replacements or alterations of the claimed discrepancy shall be made before City Line Infrared Ltd can re-inspect the said item/area. The Client understands and agrees that any failure to notify City Line Ir Ltd as stated above shall constitute a waiver of any and all claims for the said failure.

Over Due Accounts

All invoices are due the same day the report is emailed out. However we allow a grace period of 15 days before the below charge will start to take effect. Accounts over due more that 15 days incur a $75 admin fee. Accounts over due more that 15 days incur interest on the total invoice plus any charges at 12% per month. Any account overdue for more than two months will be forward to our debt collection agency. Any cost inured to recover the debt will be added onto the invoiced amount due.


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