Council Consents Report

Framing timberFind out where your framing is without removing the jib

With some homes or extensions not having a Code Compliance Certificate (CCC), people are endeavouring to get their home signed off with council and on many occasions the council require a moisture inspection of the framing to be undertaken.

In some instances a infrared/Thermal Imaging inspection is all that is required. However there are cases where the council requires an invasive moisture inspection to be carried out. At City Line Infrared we can carry out any moisture inspection to any standard required by the Council. We will provide a full report with detailed layout diagrams of all the moisture readings taken.

Some Councils require a Moisture Management System (MMS) to be put in place to monitor the moisture readings during the year. To enable this to be done, we would put probes throughout your home that would allow us to monitor the moisture content at any time.

When extensions are done without Council consent, many people want to have them signed off by Council at a later date. A “Code of Acceptance” can most often be applied for and Council will ask to view the timber framing. This is to make sure it has been built to the correct standards. There are two ways to undertake this.

– Remove all the jib to visually inspect it.

– Have City Line Infrared undertake an infrared framing inspection. We can undertake an Infrared/thermal imaging inspection of all the walls and give the inspector the details of the studs, nogs, joists, bearers etc. This will allow Council to assess your framing structure without having to remove  any jib.

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