Infrared/thermal imaging Moisture & Building Inspections

Looking for building inspection Auckland, or a builders report Auckland? Or are you searching for house inspections Auckland?

City Line Infrared is here to find moisture in homes. Whether this is for a building inspection, pre-purchase inspection, leaky home building report or you have a home and want to check its condition and to find a leak for possible moisture problems.

We are here to help you with pre-purchase house inspections, pre-sale inspections, building inspections  and leak detection inspections to find a hidden leak. We will stop you from buying a leaky home.

We use leading edge Infrared thermal imaging equipment to find moisture that can be missed with conventional moisture meters.

See our full range of services and thermal imaging equipment:

Our sophisticated, reporting software, gives both analytical and visual reporting as well as producing a moisture layout plan of the property inspected. By conducting our Infrared leak detection services/thermal imaging inspections, potential troubles can be identified and expensive rebuilds avoided.

Just because you don’t see a problem this does not mean there isn’t one, as most leaks are not visually detected for 2 to 3 years after the leak starts.  This gives plenty of time for timber to rot and damage the inside structure of your home.

Don’t delay, ask for a house inspection now and find the problem before it does any damage.

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Thermal Imaging Electrical Inspections

City Line Infrared is your partner for maintaining your systems, giving trouble free running, increased safety and efficiency.

We use the most advanced technical equipment to inspect and evaluate a broad field of electrical, mechanical, structural and processing equipment systems.

Our sophisticated, yet user friendly reporting software, gives both analytical and historical reporting comparisons which become available to you online. By conducting regular inspections, potential troubles can be identified, expensive components saved, downtime minimised and possible employee injury avoided.


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